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A Reiki Journey
Recent Entries 
3rd-May-2010 01:09 am - Greetings and Introduction
Beautiful Lady
Hello, I've just joined the community. I received a Reiki 1 attunement some years ago - 2001 or 2002 - but have yet to do Reiki 2. The initial attunement was unintentional - I went along to the course with a friend - but quite profound nonetheless. In the past, I'd scoffed at reiki, but was blown away by the attunement experience, dreams that came after it and, in recent years, have had incredibly healing and often profound experiences receiving reiki massages.

The initial attunement experience was beautiful and terrifying. I felt myself showered in soft, peachy-pink rose petals, which brought me face to face with some of my false core beliefs and helped to address them too.

I'm hoping to take a Reiki 2 course some time in the future - this year or next - and to learn more about reiki.

I've a question: after my first reiki massage (about 15 months ago), my masseuse (she combines reiki with remedial massage) said that my aura then was extremely sparky and zingy. I felt it - the pops and zings - but didn't understand what it meant. At the time, I'd been through a traumatic experience and was just beginning to use a variety of modalities for healing. What is a zingy, sparky, popping aura? It's causes? I don't really know what question I ought to be asking. Any help would be appreciated.
ruby pondering the full moon
they are probably floating around the port au prince waiting to unload tools and strong men but from all the news i'm reading, they aren't able to dock. they may need to send stuff bit by bit in lifeboats or something. those people can't wait. there may still be survivors under buildings...but not for much longer.

i didn't set up my crystal grid yet, but if i can print a small picture tonight i'll set it up.
21st-Jan-2010 03:10 pm - REIKI PRECEPTS
ruby pondering the full moon
Just for today, do not worry.
Just for today, do not anger.
Honor your parents, teachers and elders.
Earn your living honestly.
Show gratitude to every living thing.
20th-Jan-2010 07:23 am - lets start with a group reiki send
ruby pondering the full moon
as we get going let us spend the rest of january sending reiki energy to port aux prince. you can add the place, a picture, or a map to your healing "box" or grid or in your mind when you send your distant healing practice. know that we are with you as are i'm sure many other healers not on this group.

b.t.w. a picture of haiti in health, prospering and in happiness is the better choice or a map with no disaster appearing on it....if you use a picture.

let us know how you like to send your distant reiki energy, if you care to. do you just do it at a certain time of day, do you have a ritual, or do you just do it out of your mind -do you draw the symbols or imagine them. share!

and hopefully the ULF will translate into more empowered aid distribution and relief of some suffering.

thanx to all who have joined and who are joining soon!
19th-Jan-2010 05:33 pm - posting topics
ruby pondering the full moon
i will be posting an intro about myself soon, including how i came to reiki and about my attunements (to the best of my recollection -and based on previous group postings). it would be great if new members could do the same. tell us a bit about yourself and how reiki is a part of your life.

but for now, i'd like to list some topics which generated interest in my yahoo group when it was "happening" and active...for the purpose of suggestions to new members, and for a reminder to me so i can begin journalling about reiki thoroughly.

-reiki initiation experiences

-reiju attunements

-hatsurei ho (spelling)

-symbols (creative ways to use symbols -this is fun)

-distance reiki requests and experiences (i have some profound feedback -fun)

-visions...while doing reiki, while experiencing attunements

-different types of reiki (ie. karuna, jikeden, violet flame, usui ect. )

-lineage...do you know yours? does it matter?

-reiki affiliations and associations. do you belong to one?

-charging for reiki...is it a problem for you? how much do you charge..did you pay?

-healing crisis..do you believe in it? what happened? were you told about it?

i'm sure there is room for further new topics on this list, but hopefully this can get you going!
19th-Jan-2010 04:12 pm - A REIKI JOURNEY group intro
ruby pondering the full moon
this "group" was started in 2001 on yahoo groups and was quite dynamic then for several years. especially the distance healing initiatives. when we join virtual hands and send energy to a cause, or to a place or people, we are exercising the profound impact of collective consciousness.

after several years this group branched off into other yahoo groups which were more specific and users wandered and i couldn't keep out the spammers - so the group sorta fizzled out. i'm hoping that i can find renewed interest here on lj and with this interface have less spam issues, more thoughtful conversations and maybe even get some profound group healing work done.

in hopes that this can be a place for sharing, learning, growing,
and sending the ULF out in group concience. let this forum be
informal, warm, and full of chatting and laughter. i'll always be
here to answer questions; just say hi; or bounce ideas off. i want
to know about you and your experiences with reiki initiations and
your experiences in life with the reiki flow.
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